Achim Nagel snakker om timber constructions på Build in Wood
Achim Nagel, CEO, PRIMUS Development

Building regulations are behind the standard of new timber constructions

Achim Nagel is the CEO at PRIMUS Development. PRIMUS Development has made a choice of all future buildings being timber constructions. A choice made due to the search for serial and prefabricated construction methods.

At Build in Wood in Hamburg on 6-7 September 2022 you can experience him in a speech about Innovation and sustainability – wood is the material to use. Using two projects – Woodie and LUISE House – he will illustrate the potential of using wood as a building material in the context of co2, reuse, innovation, and extended lifespan of wooden buildings.

In this article, you can read an interview with him Achim Nagel.

What is your background and how do you and your company work with wood? 

I`m an architect and have also been working as a partner of Ingenhoven Architects for quite a while. Therefore, I have an approach that takes into consideration the fundamental game changing of our work by the digitalisation of planning, constructing and building, the consequences of the climate change today and in the next years to come and the question, how it could be possible to enable a growing number of people worldwide to work and live under stable and healthy conditions. This answer to all this is WOOD or as Professor Schellnhuber summarizes:” Reforesting the Planet, Retimbering the City”.

What do you like about wood as a building material? 

WOOD is a regrowing material. It stores CO² and by using wood as a building material we use buildings as CO² storages. WOOD is a lightweight material and has a lot of fantastic thermal features. It is suited to serial and modular production and it is easy to recycle.

In your opinion, what are the biggest dilemmas within wood construction right now?

The capacities for professional planning and building with wood are small, because only a small number of developers is aware of the fundamental changes to come. And it takes time, so it`s a challenge of at least a generation.

Wood construction has developed a lot over the past few years, which has brought more professional wood construction. How do we get more wood construction?

The building regulations are far behind the standard of new timber constructions. And the dinosaurs are not willing to change their business concepts. And they are still the ones with influence…

What do you talk about at Build in Wood Hamburg?

I will show projects, but will also go into detail of the production process of the modules and how they are assembled on the construction side. I want the participants to get a feeling of what we call NEUES BESSERES BAUEN > Abschied vom Elend des konventionellen Bauens.

Do you want to hear more from Achim Nagel?

You can meet him at Build in Wood in Hamburg on 6-7 September 2022 in the Gastwerk Hotel Hamburg. Read more about the conference here and sign up here.

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