Johannes Walthertalks about timber construction
Haus STI, Sieckmann Walther Architekten

Authorities are not yet familiar enough with timber construction

Johannes Walther is Dipl.-Ing. and an architect at Sieckmann Walther Architekten. At Build in Wood in Hamburg on 25-26 January 2023 you can experience him in a speech about building with wood – From tiny houses to hall construction. You can learn about the advantages and challenges of timber construction based on already realized and currently planned projects.

Sieckmann Walther Architekten have been building houses in wood for over a decade. Not all their projects have been realized in wood. But for many of them the numerous advantages of this construction outweighed or were even without alternative.

In this article you can read an interview with him.

What is your background and how do you and your company work with wood? 

We are a classical small architectural office. Wood construction is only one of many possible construction methods that we use. We always decide which construction to choose depending on the object and in consultation with the client. But very often the advantages of a wooden construction outweigh the disadvantages.

Johannes Walther, Dipl.-Ing., architect,
Sieckmann Walther Architekten

What do you like about wood as a building material? 

Wood is one of the few renewable building materials. With increasing scarcity of resources, this aspect plays an increasingly important role. In addition, it smells good and provides a pleasant indoor climate. The lightweight construction method is often the only alternative when building in existing structures.

What are the biggest dilemmas within wood construction right now?

In many cases, the authorities are not yet familiar enough with timber construction. This can lead to delays in the approval process.

Haus STI, Sieckmann Walther Architekten

Wood construction has developed a lot over the past few years, which has brought more professional wood construction. How do we get more wood construction?

If CO2 pricing is introduced at the European level, conventional building materials will become more expensive. In return, wood should be subsidized because of its positive carbon footprint. In many cases, timber construction would then not only be the “better” construction method, but also the cheaper one.

What do you talk about at Build in Wood Hamburg?

I will use selected projects to explain why we have opted for timber construction. In many cases, the construction method is superior to conventional constructions. If the participants know the advantages, they will build more in wood in the future.

Sporthalle Karlsruhe, Sieckmann Walther Architekten

Do you want to hear more from Johannes Walther?

You can meet him at Build in Wood in Hamburg on 25-26 January 2023 in the Gastwerk Hotel Hamburg. Read more about the conference here and sign up here.

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