We can’t go on building like we do today!

The construction industry is ready for a meaningful shift, and the solution lies in the power of digital tools and platforms. Through their capabilities, we can pave a new path—one that brings digital replicas of buildings and construction products to the forefront, alongside a strong commitment to green building practices.

We can’t go on building like we do today. Construction is the world’s largest industry; it carries immense influence and responsibility. Regrettably, it also stands as one of the foremost contributors to global pollution. Digitalization is the key to becoming more efficient, transparent, and sustainable. The construction industry must improve by working smarter and digitally throughout the building process. Nordic Digital Construction | BIM World Copenhagen will focus on how the industry can become better at embracing the new digital landscape. That is why BIMobject and Prodikt are showcasing their offerings at this event.

BIMobject is a global BIM platform for the construction industry, which provides architects and engineers the information and inspiration they need to design buildings. They bring creators together. Specifiers need inspiration and information, while manufacturers need a way to reach, understand, and influence them. BIMobject is the glue that binds the two. They provide a global marketplace where thousands of manufacturers and users can connect to power smarter and greener digital building design. 
BIMobject additionally offers a world-class team of experts who create BIM objects for building product manufacturers across the globe and specializes in developing content across all product types and various software systems. BIMobject serves top-tier building product manufacturers like Roca, Knauf, Armstrong, Electrolux and Kline.

Carbonzero AB provides the digital platform Prodikt where you easily can analyse your construction project, from building product selection to facility management. In collaboration with building product manufacturers, product data is made available and comparable on various parameters, such as sustainability and technical properties. Architects, technical consultants, property developers, construction contractors, and other stakeholders can use Prodikt to make climate calculations and declarations, sustainability reports, logbooks (a way of organizing and saving product information about the construction products that are part of a building project), etcetera.

The construction industry must drastically reduce its environmental impact. Prodikt is making sustainability more practical by integrating it into the data-driven construction process, while BIMobject is the top marketplace for building product information. Together, they progressively contribute to sustainable design and construction.

Prodikt and BIMobject is partner at Nordic Digital Construction | BIM World Copenhagen, and this article is published in coorperation with Prodikt and BIMobject.

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