Sustainable construction demands new digital tools

– to efficiently understand, reduce, and document the climate impact

In Denmark, we have a strong history of developing IT solutions that address global challenges, which is also the cornerstone of Danish based Gaiup. Gaiup’s first solution, Real-Time LCA, assists all stakeholders in the construction industry in continuously understanding, improving, and documenting the climate impact in accordance with legal requirements and certifications such as BREEAM and DGNB.

Nevertheless, the construction industry at large lacks knowledge of how new digital solutions can help understand, reduce, and document the climate impact of construction projects. This includes intuitive and automated handling of various designs and materials to minimize the CO2 footprint (from Gaiup’s advanced library of environmental product declarations), so Gaiup can ensure crucial data quality and proactive material recommendations and project insights. In this area, far too many are still working with heavy, sporadic, and manual LCA processes without effective digital support and the necessary data quality.

Real-Time LCA joining BIM World Copenhagen

Precisely for this reason, Gaiup with Real-Time LCA participates in Nordic Digital Construction | BIM World Copenhagen. Here, they focus on how sustainability efforts can be streamlined through innovative and AI-infused technology. The objective is to reduce the climate impact while saving up to 100% of the manual processes, which often take hours and days, when you want to understand and communicate your project’s climate impact.

Gaiup will be demonstrating how Real-Time LCA works and their users experience working with the platform, but also sharing reflections on the upskilling of professionals needed and how to manage the transformational change most organizations are facing with the transformation to sustainability.

Value for All – but most importantly Gaia

Gaiup’s users span public and private real estate organizations, Architects, Contractors, Engineers and Manufacturers, that chose to embrace new digital capabilities, gaining significant efficiency while democratizing sustainability data and the ability to work with this data, empowering all their stakeholders in sustainable construction.

Learn more on, where you can also request access for free.

Gaiup is partner at Nordic Digital Construction | BIM World Copenhagen, and this article is published in coorperation with Gaiup.

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