Our first online event was streamed more than 12.000 times

Building Green live stream is over for now but the challenge has just begun! Within these days more than 12.000 from the #building industry and #architectural universe showed how important this is! To be continued on Peace out from a happy team!

A lot of initiatives have happened within sustainable construction and architecture the last 10 years, but is it enough? The construction industry still accounts for 40 % of the CO2 emissions and the climate is still suffering from the global emissions. How can we improve the situation? What do we need to change to make a proper difference for the carbon emissions and climate impact?

2020 is the beginning of a new decade, and it is also the 10-year anniversary of Building Green. Therefore, it is time to review the development the last decade and to focus on how we accelerate sustainable construction in the future. At Building Green Copenhagen 28-29 October, you’ll get an update on sustainable construction and inspiration to how we accelerate sustainability now! Do you want to join us? Sign up for free here.

We are streaming the program 

You can look forward to stream a program that emphasizes the local and close aspects and you can experience frontrunners from the major Danish architectural practices and the smaller ones that come up with different and visionary projects. The program is based on the theme ‘New decade and anniversary – accelerate sustainability now! and the 2 subthemes: sustainable use of materials • urban spaces in a time during and after COVID-19

Sustainable use of materials

It can be difficult to choose the right materials for the different projects and sub-components in a project. What do you have to consider when choosing materials? How do you make sure that you choose the right ones? Which materials are the most sustainable in which projects? At Building Green, you get hands-on knowledge on materials and documentation. You will learn about the use of the different materials, certifications, material choices, climate impact and the measurability of the materials.

Urban spaces in a time during and after COVID-19

The corona pandemic has affected our entire society. But what influence does corona have on sustainable construction and architecture? Will we build and design differently in the future? How do we design urban spaces the next decade and will possible pandemics be integrated into the city development? At Building Green, you will get insights into urban spaces and city development, and you will learn about brand new studies and rapports on the influence of corona on the design of buildings and urban spaces.

Count down to this year’s streaming of the Building Green program! Get an update on the green transition
the last 10 years in your living room or at you office when we go live 28 & 29 October.

What’s in it for you?

  • You get an update on sustainable construction and architecture
  • You get specific knowledge for the future work the next decade
  • You will be inspired by sustainable frontrunners to a different approach to sustainable construction and architecture
  • You will learn about sustainable materials and you get hands-on knowledge for material choices
  • You get insights into the influence of corona on the future architecture and urban spaces
  • You will get an update on sustainable trends in construction
  • You can experience the latest sustainable solutions and products from more than 150 companies
  • You can network and share experiences with all parts of the construction industry

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