FDB Møbler – Focus on sustainable accountability

19/08/2020 Emmilie Hansen

Furniture must be designed for people, and last for generations. This has been the philosophy of FDB Møbler since 1942, when the drawing office was founded with the architect Børge Mogensen at its head. Many new designers have since been and gone, but the approach basically remains the same today as it was back then – creating high-quality and aesthetic furniture with an emphasis on promoting sustainable accountability.

The foundation of the FDB Møbler design studio in 1942 marked something of a rebellion against standard furniture-making at the time. The goal was to design beautiful, functional furniture – not just for affluent customers but for everyone. Essentially, it was a move against heavy and uncomfortable furniture in order to celebrate and accommodate daily living with all its ups and downs. In other words, FDB Møbler represents a movement that began in the 1940s, but which is still just as relevant today.

At FDB Møbler, we work on the basis of four core values, which underpin the bold ambitions we strive to achieve every day. The first is humanity. This means, among other things, that all our furniture is designed on the basis of how people live and what they need. The furniture is not for decoration, but for use, and behind each piece is a designer who has devoted themselves to producing lasting quality. The second value is durability. This is found in the timeless design, the choice of materials and the way in which the furniture is constructed, ensuring a robustness and quality that can patinate. The furniture is designed to last for generations, and to provide an alternative to today’s consumer ‘throw-away’ culture. The third value is accountability. At FDB Møbler, we demand particularly high environmental, health and safety standards. Consequently, all our furniture is produced, for example, from FSC-certified and sustainable wood, while all textiles are OEKO-TEX-certified. We look after the forests where the wood we use is felled, and we don’t take from nature without giving something back. The fourth and final value is accessibility. On the one hand FDB Møbler offers designer furniture at affordable prices, but on the other we never compromise on quality.

FDB Møbler has high ambitions for sustainable production. All our furniture is already made from FSC-certified wood, and upholstered using OEKO-TEX-certified textiles, but the company’s goal, according to CEO Ole Kiel, is “To become Denmark’s most responsible furniture-maker”. To realise this goal, all the company’s furniture will be Nordic Swan-ecolabelled by 2025 – in addition to the 11 products which already carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Sustainable and responsible production is no easy task, but while following the ambitious course which was set in connection with the relaunch of the brand in 2013, FDB Møbler is constantly working to achieve its goals.

FUN FACT: The carbon footprint of FDB Møbler’s iconic J46 dining chair, designed by Poul M. Volther, and which can last for decades, is about the same as a 350 g steak.

You can experience FDB Møbler’s furniture at the balcony and in the meeting room in Docken at Build in Wood 25-26 August 2020.

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