Jan Christensen: How to achieve high sound insulation in wood buildings

11/06/2020 Emmilie Hansen

Jan Christensen is Corporate Technical Director – Acoustics at MOE, and he is also speaking at Build in Wood 25-26 August. Jan Christensen is one the speakers at the Track Acoustics, where you will be presented with experiences and examples with different solutions to the challenges with sound and acoustics in wooden buildings.

Jan will give a presentation about sound insulation in wooden buildings and he will talk about the main challenges to achieve satisfactory acoustic conditions, design criteria’s and overall solutions.

In this post, you can read an interview with Jan Christensen.

What is your perspective on wood and its role for green transition?

Every corner of the community must take responsibility for the environment and react sustainably. My perspective is that the building industry must and can contribute to this task by using wood as a sustainable building element. The technical challenges that wood represent as building material can be solved and will over time result in standard solutions.

How do you MOE work with wood?

MOE has established a “Knowledge Centre for Timber Constructions” in which we put interdisciplinary specialist together to give our customers the best advices in an early stage for the project.
The knowledge center is based on specialists with dedication and experience with wood as building materials.

From your perspective, what are the opportunities of building with wood?

Beside the sustainability there are shorter construction time and less moisture in the building. These matters are not my specialty – the main issue is the sustainable building, where almost everything is possible, if you attack the project with an open mind and knowledge.

From your perspective, why don’t we use more wood in construction than we do today?

From earlier time, there are the perception about wood, that it burns, attract moisture and mold, and the acoustic conditions are poor. This is the main challenges that costumers bring to our knowledge center.
But for all these challenges there are solutions that address these prejudices.
I am pretty sure, that the industry in a short time will present standard elements that fulfill all the different requirements – exactly in the same way as traditional building elements does today.

What will you be talking about at Build in Wood 2020, and will there be any specific key take-aways?

My speech will address the acoustic challenges. I will tell about the challenges to use lightweight materials, and at the same time achieve todays acoustic indoor environment.
How do you achieve high sound insulation – which direction is the best. This will be presented in a non-engineering way.

What do you hope the outcome for the participants at Build in Wood is?

I hope that the outcome will give more focus on building design, and less focus on the prejudices for wooden constructions – there are solutions that help you.

Do you want to hear more about acoustics in wood buildings?

Join us at Build in Wood at Docken on 25-26 August and hear Jan Christensen’s presentation on sound insulation in wooden buildings.

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