Catharina Winberg: Växjö’s journey towards a modern wooden city

11/06/2020 Emmilie Hansen

As part of an ambitious wood construction strategy, Växjö Municipality in Sweden has politically decided that in 2020 50% of all new buildings should be in wood. At Build in Wood 25-26 August, you can hear more about Växjö’s ambitions, how this succeed so well and what initiatives were done, when Catharina Winberg, Chairman Växjö Kommunföretag AB & Member of the Municipal Council, speaks about the political initiatives on a local level.

In this post, you can read an interview with Catharina Winberg.

What is your perspective on wood and its role for green transition?

Wood has a huge impact on the green transition. 20% (in Sweden) of the CO2 emissions come from the building sector. Just by using wood you could probably reduce the emissions by 50%.

By using LCAs this could probably be reduced even more. Wood is a low-hanging fruit in the green transition.


How do you and Växjö Kommunföretag work with wood?

We have a wood building strategy which says 50% of all new buildings built by our organization should be in wood. We procure this from the private sector which indirectly effect the building sector and we are a big buyer. Also when selling land we can require that the buyer will build a wooden building on that piece of land.


From your perspective, what are the opportunities of building with wood?

Environment, new jobs, faster building process, higher quality and precision – just to mention a few advantages.


From your perspective, why don’t we use more wood in construction than we do today?

A challenge is too few suppliers, laws and regulations, lack of knowledge (both in private and public sector).

Suppliers are increasing, conventional building systems are developed. LCAs will be standard pushing the building industry into more environment friendly materials.


What will you be talking about at Build in Wood 2020, and will there be any specific key take-aways?

I will be talking about Växjö´s journey towards a modern wooden city.


What do you hope the outcome for the participants at Build in Wood is?

Hopefully the event will encourage more cities to use more wood in construction.

Do you want to hear more about Växjö’s wood construction strategy?

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