Bo Pedersen: Wood can be used in most constructions

02/06/2020 Emmilie Hansen

At Build in Wood 25-26 August, you can get inspiration for the design of timber hybrid structures from an engineering point of view. Corporate Technical Director Bo Pedersen from MOE will help you achieve the best structural performance and give input to how you can combine materials to optimize the structure. You will also hear about MOE’s experience with the design of numerous timber buildings, including a new groundbreaking project; TR3.

TR3 is a hybrid 20 story building to be constructed by waste wood, recycled concrete and used windmills at Aarhus Sydhavn. The goal is to reach 20 meters in height and make it the highest hybrid structure in Denmark.

In this post, you can read an interview with Bo Pedersen.

How do you and MOE work with wood?

I have been inspired by the way they build in wood in southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Starting in the seventies, they developed building systems in massive wood that were more suitable for multistory buildings than the Scandinavian framework tradition. For the last 20 years, we have been working with massive wood constructions in residential and office buildings, where concrete elements normally are used, because we believe that wood constructions are a serious alternative to concrete in those areas – both in performance and in price. We have used inspiration and know-how from our collaboration with German manufacturers and transformed it into something we believe is more suitable for the Danish market.

From your perspective, what are the opportunities of building with wood?

Wood has other properties than steel and concrete. But applied under the right conditions, wood can be used in most constructions, and combined with steel and concrete the possibilities are wide, as we already see today in road bridges, multistory buildings etc.

From your perspective, why don’t we use more wood in construction today? What are the challenges?

Most of all, we don’t use more wood because of the tradition in our building industry. It takes time to change, but EU’s 2030 climate target will speed it up as we already see in effect today. I think multistory buildings in wood/hybrid buildings will be common in the future, which will increase the use of wood and have a positive effect on the wood industry.

What will you be talking about at Build in Wood 2020?

I will talk about some of the projects we are working on, the constructions chosen and the motive for the selected constructions.

What do you hope the outcome for the participants at Build in Wood is?

I hope the participants will see that using wood as the main construction in tall buildings is possible, that there is no building regulations that prevent multistory buildings, that we have the know-how to make these projects ourselves and that we don’t need to wait and look at what our neighbouring countries are doing.

Do you want to hear more about TR3 and timber hybrid structures?

Join Build in Wood at Docken on 25-26 August and hear Bo Pedersen’s keynote.

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