Olga Popovic Larsen: Wood has such great potential for sustainable, human-centered and beautiful architecture

26/04/2019 Emmilie Hansen

Olga Popovic Larsen, Professor PhD at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art Schools of Architecture, will give a keynote speech at Build in Wood on innovative and sustainable wood constructions at the Build In Wood conference.

Her presentation invites you to experience sustainable and innovative timber constructions. Built out of only a few millimeters thick ply wood and with simple reciprocal connections where only two members are connected at any time the ReciPlyDome principle offers easy to build, reversible, reusable wood structures with a distinct aesthetic. They create spaces with different use potentials. In this article. you can read an interview with Olga Popovic Larsen.



What is your employment role?

I am a professor in Structures and materials at a School of Architecture and an Institute of Architecture and Technology.
My research is cross-disciplinary and closely connected to practice, with projects exploring the crossover between aesthetics and structural/material efficiency. I have a strong interest in innovative use of both traditional and new materials; also, technologies, seeking ways of how the artistic and technological can inform each other to create new objects, products, structures and buildings. I work with wood in innovative ways.


What is your perspective on wood and its role for green transition?

Wood is essential as a material in building design. As a very versatile material with great properties it is THE material that we should be using.


How do you (or your company) work with wood?

I research and explore new ways of using wood in building design and I build in wood.


From your perspective, what are the challenges and opportunities of building with wood?

The opportunities are endless, both in terms of material and structural performance, aesthetic as well as green credentials. The only real challenge is to convinse clients to use wood more often instead of steel and concrete.


From your perspective, how far is the building industry with sustainability?

It is difficult to say. There are very progressive practices really seeking sustainable approaches. Unfortunately sometimes short term savings overrule more sustainable longterm solutions.


Do you have projects in Denmark and knowledge about the Danish building industry, and the potential of building more with wood? If yes, what is your view on the Danish market?

Yes. Denmark has a huge potential to embracing more wood solutions in building design.


What will you be talking about at Build in Wood 2019, and will there be any specific key take-aways?

I will talk about material-saving sustainable wood constructions including Reciprocal Frames as well as ReciPlyDome and ReciPlySkin projects.


What cases will you bring to talk about at Build in Wood 2019?

Material-saving sustainable wood constructions.


Why have you decided to attend Build in Wood 2019 as a speaker?

The programme and speakers look very interesting.


Do you have something to add? Perhaps your personal view on wood as a material?

Wood has such great potential for sustainable, human-centered and beautiful architecture.


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