Woodlookgood: When Imperfection turns Beauty

10/04/2019 Emmilie Hansen

This year Build in Wood at Docken is new in more than one sense. Art project woodlookgood.dk will be on display throughout the entire conference to bring a smile, a sense of wonder, surprise, and a moment of meditative calm to you people from the wood industry.

Woodlookgood wants to make you embrace what is considered the antichrist in the industry – a wood knot! That little (or big) annoying imperfection in a piece of wood. Here is where large-scale photographs show off little wonders.

About woodlookgood:
Photographer Søren Rex-Dybmose invites us to share his life-long fascination with wood. In his latest project he draws our attention to the often over-looked and disliked wood knots that Søren’s lens captures with all their beauty and stunning graphic lines.

Søren’s artwork is best described as an example of the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic where beauty is “imperfect, impermanent, incomplete”, curiously embodied in aging natural objects like wood. Søren’s artwork takes this appreciation of imperfection to a new level – fuelled by our own imagination we see the beauty in wood knots as they come to be rivers, landscapes, human shapes, volcanic craters and sunsets. Søren’s photography make us change our perception and enjoy rustic refinement, graphic abundance and authentic elegance. His pictures awaken our senses and teach us to find the most basic natural object interesting, fascinating and beautiful.

It is this deep fascination that Søren wants to share with us with his unique photographs.

We look forward to showing you the exhibition.



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