The Build in Wood program is out!

21/02/2019 Emmilie Hansen

Build in Wood takes place on May 22 & 23 and the conference programme offers a large number of insights from both national and international keynotes. Among other things, they focus on sustainability, the use of wood in multi-storey buildings, fire safety, prefabrication, digitalization and building owner’s view on wood construction.

There is an increasing focus on the resource use and climate impact of building materials, and this has created a greater interest in building with wooden materials. At the conference Build in Wood, we will focus on the possibilities and challenges of using wood in the building industry with national and international keynote speakers and interesting debates.

So much new since last year
The second edition of the Build in Wood conference includes brand new cases from Denmark, and to be honest we’re excited to learn more about these ourselves. Have you heard about the new Moxy hotel or the 6-storey wooden building for students apartments that are both on their way to Copenhagen? And what about the extension of KIRKBI’s headquarters in Billund that’s almost built entirely of wood? At Build in Wood you will get insights into all these cases and many more!

This year you can experience:

  • Daniela Grotenfelt, Arkitema (SE)
  • Patrick Stremler, Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten (AT)
  • Siv Helene Stangeland, Helen & Hard (NO)

Watch the full programme with these keynotes and many others here: Program

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