GRAPHISOFT Center Danmark welcomes you at Nordic Digital Construction | BIM World Copenhagen

GRAPHISOFT Center Danmark are proud partners and exhibitors at the first edition of Nordic Digital Construction | BIM World Copenhagen where they will present intuitive BIM solutions and DesignLCA.

GRAPHISOFT Center Denmark are distributors of Archicad and other GRAPHISOFT solutions. They are also the developers behind DesignLCA – the only 100% BIM-based LCA calculator on the market.

There are many reasons why you should choose to collaborate with GRAPHISOFT Center Danmark. You might find some of them below, and perhaps you will find more at Nordic Digital Construction | BIM World Copenhagen?

Archicad – all you need in one solution

One reason could be it is because Archicad replaces all your design tools and arguably is the most intuitive BIM program to learn and work with? Or because Archicad allows you to conduct your working tasks through all project phases equally well on Mac and Windows?

Perhaps it is because in Archicad one project is gathered in one file, while BIMcloud and BIMx makes it easy for you to collaborate with your stakeholders. Or because Archicad is the world champion of exchanging data with open file formats across disciplines and software platforms.  

It may also be because GRAPHISOFT Center Denmark and understand the difference between landscape architects, building architects, engineers, and contractors? Or because they take pride in helping others with tailored training and costumer friendly support? Or because they think that a good collaboration should also be reflected in the license and payment policies.

DesignLCA – LCA calculations made easy

Maybe it’s because you, like they, dream of a more sustainable construction industry and actively try to make a difference to the climate. Because they have developed DesignLCA the markets only 100% BIM-based LCA calculator and are giving it away for free to enhance the green transition?

DesignLCA calculates the Global Warming Potential and the energy consumption from operations over a given period directly on the 3D model, which no other LCA calculators are capable of. This moves LCA calculations from the planning to the sketch phases, which allows you to create far more sustainable, green design concepts.

Meet the GRAPHISOFT Center Danmark team

If you want to meet the GRAPHISOFT Center Danmark team and learn more regarding the most efficient BIM work flows, how easy it is to use Archicad, how to conduct LCA calculations, world class rendering in twin motion and much more feel free to drop by GRAPHISOFT Center Danmark’s exhibition stand and say hello …

GRAPHISOFT Center Danmark is partner at Nordic Digital Construction | BIM World Copenhagen, and this article is published in coorperation with GRAPHISOFT Center Danmark.

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