2019: 8033 visitors

Building Green is a meeting point for the professionals in the construction and building industry. Building Green targets architects, engineers, constructors etc.

Building Green Copenhagen: 8033 visitors 30 & 31 October 2019
Builidng Green Copenhagen: 7226 visitors 31 Oct. & 1. Nov 2018

The increasing visitor count is a indicator for the importance of a more sustainable industry and knowledge sharing.

Every year our main focus is our exhibitors and visitors. Building Green depends on getting innovative and updated on trends in the industry therefor we evaluate each event by a survey for all our exhibitors and visitors.

Building Green was established in 2011 in Copenhagen and has developed into a unique platform for information, inspiration and ideas on the sustainable building industry. We need to translate sustainable visions into reality everywhere and Building Green allows you to explore these issues with the best actors in the field of sustainable building.


2018: 7226 visitors

*The data is from Scandinavian events in 2018 and 2019.