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Contact Sales Manager Krestina Sørensen at or +45 2284 8409 for further information regarding prices and possibilities in 2019.


Stand 21 – 15 m2
41.200,- DKK

Stand 32 – 18 m2
44.550,- DKK

Stand 54 – 21 m2
50.900,- DKK

Stand 62 – 15 m2
41.200.- DKK

Stand 69 – 9 m2
27.300,- DKK

Stand 76 – 15 m2
41.200,- DKK

Stand 77 – 9 m2
27.300,- DKK

Stand 83 – 9 m2
27.300,- DKK

Stand 87 – 9 m2
27.300,- DKK

Stand 89 – 9 m2
27.300,- DKK

Stand 121 – 9 m2
27.300,- DKK

Stand 124 – 18 m2
44.550.- DKK

Stand 127 – 12,5 m2

Stand 128 – 6 m2
20.150,- DKK

Stand 129 – 6 m2
20.150,- DKK

Stand 131 – 6 m2
20.150,- DKK

Stand 135 – 10 m2
29.500,- DKK

Stand 137 – 6 m2
20.150,- DKK

Stand 139 – 6 m2
20.150,- DKK

Stand 141 – 6 m2
20.150,- DKK

Stand 143 – 6 m2
20.150,- DKK

Stand 148 – 9 m2
27.300,- DKK

Stand 149 – 6 m2
20.150,- DKK

Stand 150 – 9 m2
27.300,- DKK

Stand 151 – 6 m2
20.150,- DKK

Stand 154 – 24 m2
57.250.- DKK

Stand 156 – 16 m2
40.300,- DKK

Stand 157 – 16 m2
40.300,- DKK

Stand 161 – 6 m2
20.150,- DKK

Stand 162 – 6 m2
20.150,- DKK

Stand 163 – 6 m2
20.150,- DKK

Stand 164 – 20 m2
48.800,- DKK

Stand 165 – 6 m2
20.150,- DKK

Building Green is an important sustainability event within the Danish building industry. It is a unique opportunity for companies with green ideas/products/solutions to connect with the leading players in the field of the construction/building industry.
As an exhibitor at Building Green you can expect a diverse crowd of visitors because of the wide target group. The majority of our visitors are Architects, Constructors and Designers but Craftsmen, Students, Scientists etc. will visit the event as well.
If this sounds ideal for your company, don’t hesitate to contact us at
To show your interest please fill out the form below and we will contact you. Subsequently, we will send you another fill-out form for you to describe the sustainability of your product/solutions. All potential exhibitors will be asked to verify their sustainable product/solutions for the sake of the credibility and quality of Building Green!

Media & Marketing
We offer various kinds of marketing. Building Green is marketed through a bunch of channels such as VIP partners, magazine publications, papers etc. On this link you can see a complete list of media partners: Click here.
As an exhibitor at Building Green you will get visibility and the marketing services described in our media plan. We distribute Building Green invitations in brochure and PDF format to all our exhibitors. In addition we offer the services mentioned below:

Digital Product Catalogue
The Catalogue will consist of sustainable products and news from the exhibitors made in collaboration with This will include:

-The opportunity for more information about all exhibitors.
-The opportunity of getting 3 products profiled with description, certifications and sustainability.
-Category searching among all exhibitors.
-Quick view of all companies with environmental certifications.

Contact us for a fill-out form:

New Leads
By downloading Eventbuizz Lead Scanner app, exhibitors can collect information fast and easy by scanning the visitors’ card/key hanger. Visitor data will be available for downloading via your phone to your E-mail during and after the event.

Promote your case on Building Green’s marketing channels
Buy additional online activities to promote your case on our blog, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Send us an editorial article including a photo, and our communications team will plan the activity on our channels. The maximum length is 1 standard page (2.400 characters including spaces) and the photo must be 1200×630 pixels.

  • Blog post and sharing on Building Green’s social media channels: 4000 DKK (+ 1000 DKK for editorial help)

Extra Visibility
Logo on screen
At the Copenhagen Event your logo will be shown on Main Stage during breaks and eight other screens around the venue.

-5 sec. loop screen exposure: 2.000 DKK

Brochure distribution
Get your brochures distributed among the audience on the Building Green stages. The number of seats varies depending on which event you exhibit.

-Distribution (format size: max. A4, max. 300g) – 6.000 DKK

Seminar presentation at ”Specialist Talks” Stage
At the Copenhagen Event it is possible to book a presentation. This is an opportunity to include your company in the Official Program.

-Specialist Talk 30 min. – 10.000 DKK
-Specialist Talk 1 hour – 15.000 DKK

All prices are excluding VAT.

The price is incl. participant fee and excl. VAT


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No collaboration with International Fairs Directory
Some exhibitors at Building Green have received physical mail from International Fairs Directory with an offer to promote your company at their webpage. Building Green want to make sure that there is no collaboration or contact between Building Green and International Fairs Directory.

Building Green recommend exhibitors not to answer or contact the company International Fairs Directory.

Find an example of the offer here.