Is your company sustainable?

Building Green is a sustainability event within construction and architecture. It is a unique opportunity for companies with green ideas, products or solutions to connect with frontrunners in the construction and building industry as well as within architecture.

Book a stand and showcase your sustainable products

Contact the teamn on or +45 2284 8409 for further information regarding prices and your possibilities in 2020.

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Document your sustainability

As an exhibitor at Building Green, you can expect a diverse group of visitors. The majority of our visitors are Architects, Constructors and Designers. As a potential exhibitor, you will be asked to document the sustainability of your product or solution. In that way, we ensure the credibility and quality of Building Green.

If this sounds ideal for your company, please contact us to receive the fill-out form:

We look forward to receiving the description of your sustainable business.

Sizes and prices inclusive exhibition fee

6 m2 – 22.661.- DKK

9 m2 – 30.060.- DKK

12 m2 – 38.705.- DKK

15 m2 – 46.882.- DKK

18 m2 – 50.505.- DKK

21 m2 – 56.934.- DKK

24 m2 – 65.341- DKK

30 m2 – 67.208.- DKK

32 m2 – 71.289.- DKK

36 m2 – 79.450.- DKK

We will promote your sustainable solutions

Building Green is promoted through e.g. our own channels, the network of our partners, nationwide news pages, magazine publications and newspapers. Your company will be promoted through the many activities mentioned in the media plan. You will also receive promotion materials from us that you can share with your network. Below, you can read how you get extra promotion and visibility.

Get promotion through the product catalogue at

Every exhibitor at Building Green get promotion in an online exhibitor catalogue, but you can also buy extra exposure with a full profile in the online product catalogue at A profile in the online product catalogue will give you the following benefits:

– The opportunity for more information about the other exhibitors and their sustainable solutions

– Profile up to 3 products with descriptions, certificate and sustainability

– Easy and clear search for categories by the attendees

– Become a part of the outline of companies with certifications


If you want more information, please contact on or +45 7025 3031.

Get the most out of your exhibition

Advertising on Building Green Together
We offer you many diverse brading opportunitets for your company/product on Building Green Together. See your possibilities here:
Branding & Media guide 2021
Contact us for more information.

Market your case on Building Green’s online channels

Let your case get the attention it deserves. Buy additional online activities to promote your case on our blog, newsletter, Linkedin and Facebook. Send us an editorial article including a photo, and our communications team will plan the activity. The maximum length is 1 standard page (2.400 characters including spaces) and the photo must be 1200×630 pixels

Blog post and sharing on Building Green’s social media channels: 8.000 DKK


Create extra visibility with screen exposure

You have the opportunity to get extra visibility in Forum with screen exposure on the big screens at the 4 stages and on 6 screens in the foyer by the entrance.

– Loop with 5 seconds showing – both days: 2.000 DKK (format 16:9)


Distribute brochures on the event days

Central Stage in the middle of Forum will both days be full of inspiring speakers and debates that present their perspective on sustainable visions and experiences. There are 300 seats in front of the stage. You can get your brochure distributed on the seats before a speech.

Distribution on seats – 1 per speech (format size: max. A4, max. 300 gram): 6.000 DKK


Book a seminar presentation at the Specialist Talks stage

You can book a presentation at the Specialist Talks stage that has 60 seats. In this way, your content will be included in the official program.

Specialist Talk 30 min. – 15.000 DKK

Remember to promote your presentation. We recommend that you buy the online activities to get the presentation promoted on Building Green’s channels.


Get a marketing packet for your co-exhibitor

You can buy an additional marketing packet for a co-exhibitor at the stand. In this way, the co-exhibitor will get the same amount of marketing and visibility on equal terms with the rest of the exhibitors (in the printed brochure, online exhibitor catalogue, the Quickguide and the stand plan).

– Price per packet: 4.995 DKK


Optimise your visibility in a new, green exhibitor magazine

This year, Building Green launches a new exhibitor magazine in cooperation with nord advertising that is responsible for the sales and production of the magazine.

The magazine is FSC certified, carbon neutral and certified with Nordic Swan Ecolabel. In the magazine, you can create extra visibility with an add about your company and products. Read more here.


All prices are in DKK and excluding VAT.

Get in touch with new customers

As exhibitor, you can download Eventbuizz Lead Scanner app, where you can collect and organize contact information on interested visitors by scanning the visitors’ name card. Visitor data will be available for downloading via your phone to your E-mail during and after the event. Visitors will approve the data collection by signing online.


No collaboration with International Fairs Directory or Leads N Data

No collaboration with International Fairs Directory

Some exhibitors at Building Green have received mail from International Fairs Directory with an offer to promote their company at their webpage. Building Green wants to clearly point out that there is no collaboration or contact between Building Green and International Fairs Directory.

Find an example of the offer here.


No collaboration with Leads N Data

Some exhibitors at Building Green have received mails from “” with a fake offer to acquire the visitor list. Building Green wants to clearly point out that there is no collaboration or contact between Building Green and the sender Grace Medina from Leads N Data.

We recommend exhibitors to not answer or contact the companies.