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Reach Media are specialists in native advertising, and create targeted value for our readers and partners through editorial partnerships and traditional advertising in close coorporation with Berlingske Media.
With an environment under pressure and enormous environmental changes waiting ahead, Berlingske Media inspires and motivates local authorities, citizens and relevant decision makers to consider the best solutions for the future climate and environment.
Et bæredygtigt samfund” is an unique platform for companies to market themselves in a relevant context.

Estate Media is Denmark’s biggest knowledge and media house serving the constrution and real estate community. Our magazines, news publications and more than 40 annual events give Estate Media know-how and networks across the traditional community divides and help keep us on the cutting edge of networking, industry debates and market trends.

Dagens Byggeri provides the widest coverage of the entire building and civil engineering industry – in print and on digital and online platforms – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
More than 27,000 copies distributed to named recipients 14 times a year to more than 54,000 readers, more than 120,000 visitors per month to our websites, where 25,000 receive our newsletter, and more than 6,000 have already down­loaded our app.
The media address everyone with a direct or indirect interest in the building and civil engineering industry, including commercial decision-makers planning and executing projects, politicians, public authorities, vocational schools etc.
The contents set the agenda politically and within the industry, ranging from politics, trade and industry, finances, architecture, culture, energy and the envi­ronment, education and training, industrial relations and rules and regulations.

Nordiske Medier

Our media portfolio extends across industry, construction, retail and a number of targeted industries. And our professional journalists are working to deliver well-written, exciting and professional articles so that we can deliver content of high professional quality to our readers who themselves are professional experts in the industries in which they are employed. The editors take care of both Ongoing news flow and handles major tasks such as industry analyzes, portraits and special themes for print media, etc. These include:


Energy Supply is an online media that brings news daily and for the entire Danish energy sector. The energy sector is one of Denmark’s largest industries and is also an industry in rapid development and constant change.

The energy sector includes the traditional supply of electricity and heat, including cogeneration plants, power companies, heat supplies, natural gas companies, biogas companies, etc. However, a very significant industry supplies to the energy sector at home and abroad. This applies, inter alia, to Wind turbine industry, where Denmark has a leading role, but also a number of other significant suppliers to the energy sector at home and abroad.

Today, more than 10,000 key individuals in the energy sector receive the daily newsletter.

Building Supply is an online media that covers the entire construction industry in Denmark and Sweden with industry-relevant news. At the same time, Building Supply is a commercial industry network where suppliers, subcontractors and industrial procurement companies can easily come into contact with each other.

Overall, more than 34,000 key people in the construction industry receive our daily newsletter.

Licitationen provides a serious and broad journalistic orientation about the construction industry focusing on the political, economic and technical aspects.

The magazine is aimed at all parties in the construction sector; Builder, consulting engineers, architects, craftsmen, contractors and suppliers. In addition to the journalistic content, the invitation provides daily contributions, articles and chronicles of Organizers, politicians and technicians.

HVAC Fokus provides knowledge and news about green buildings, indoor climate, ventilation, water, heating and cooling, as well as energy supply. It takes the form of short, current news from the HVAC industry, but HVAC Fokus is also the digital platform where we collect the best articles from HVAC Magasinet with the latest professional knowledge.

Politiken’s theme supplement THE GREEN CITY is published in cooperation with Building Green and Danske Arkitektvirksomheder on October 4, 2017. THE GREEN CITY presents examples on sustainable cities that, through strategic advice and innovative engineering, contribute to solutions to both the present and the future’s challenges in construction, energy and infrastructure.
THE GREEN CITY is also available at, which allows you to get in touch with 422,000 business interested readers and users.

nord advertising is Denmark’s leading agency within relationship marketing. nord advertising is behind several magazines about house building and interior design, energy renovations for housing associations, lifestyle, moving, work and career, and much more.

The latest addition is FUNDAMENT, which is published in cooperation with Building Green and The Energy Service. The magazine is directed at professionals in the construction industry, such as contractors, engineers, architects, bricklayers, and carpenters.

The magazine is the new trade publication for the construction industry, containing the latest news on renovation, building materials, and legislation.

Bygge- & Anlægsavisen is currently on its 26th volume with eight annual publications. The magazine is distributed all over Denmark and is read by decision-makers with a professional interest in craft and construction – including developers, architects, building owners, contractors, craftsmen etc.
Bygge- & Anlægsavisen presents new trends, solutions and products for the building industry as well as it goes in depth with exciting new building projects and let everyone involved talk about the project from their perspective.

BØRSEN Business Insert

In this special issue Bygge- & Anlægsavisen introduce the Danish building industry to the readers of Børsen. The aim is to provide the Danish business community an insight into the building industry in a time of disruption, where there is an immense demand for innovation.

The magazine version of BYGGERI+Arkitektur is published in a circulation of 10,200 copies and is distributed to developers, architects, building owners and other decision-makers with a professional interest in architecture and interior design, in both the private and public sectors.
BYGGERI+Arkitektur describe the underlying ideas behind the architecture and interior design as well as presenting the projects in the visual quality they deserve.
In each issue of BYGGERI+Arkitektur you can read in-depth portraits of leading architects and designers like Jan Gehl, Alejandro Aravena, Stig L. Andersson, Olafur Eliasson and Jasper Morrison.