Livestream the entire program

Are you ready for Building Green Aarhus when the full program will be transformed into one big production studio? 21 & 22 April the program will be in a digital form and we will live stream it directly to you! With more than 12.000 streams in Copenhagen 2020 we are ready to repeat the succes in Aarhus!

We had to cancel the event in Aarhus 2020 as the corona virus made its entry into Denmark. But in 2021 you can be sure to gain new knowledge and inspiration about sustainable construction and architecture as we livestream the entire program to you. Sign up and watch from home.

With a focus on Aarhus

We launch the program in March. You can experience an entire program with a focus on projects and initiatives in and near Aarhus and you can be inspired for sustainable construction by local enthusiasts. The event is digital so you are able to watch the program from all over the country.

You will focus on 4 themes: The demanded sustainability, Renovation, Transformation, Measurability & material selection.

What’s in it for you?

• You are able to livestream the full program from you living room or workspace
• You will be inspired by sustainable frontrunners to a different approach to sustainable construction and architecture
• You will learn about sustainable materials and you get hands-on knowledge for material choices

• You are able to livestream the full program from you living room or workspace
• Quickly you can jump between the stages and don’t miss your planned talks and debates
• You get an update on sustainable construction and architecture

Countdown for Building Green Aarhus live stream!

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