Building Green was established to provide information on the development of ideas and products for the construction industry, with a constant view towards sustainability and circular thinking.
The event has existed since 2011, the year when Copenhagen was named the green capital of Europe. Denmark’s CO2 goals were, and remain, ambitious, but there is a long way to go before they are achieved.  The Danish construction sector is responsible for 40% of Denmark’s energy consumption and 30% of its total waste. The construction industry must be held accountable for its share of pollution in order to counter this threatening trend.

Green and sustainable buildings should be a matter of course
The long-term vision is that all new buildings must produce more energy than they consume, while the energy consumption of existing buildings should be reduced significantly.
Visions are being translated into reality everywhere – the possibilities are here, but there are still many challenges to face and questions to answer before our goals are achieved.
In this race, Denmark is a front runner, as many companies and initiators already succeeded in translating vision into reality  and creating sustainable solutions which reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of buildings.

Knowledge sharing platform & product exhibition
Building Green is a knowledge-sharing platform for the brightest actors in the field, a gathering point for turnkey products from a wide range of manufacturers in the Danish construction and energy sector and an opportunity to showcase energy solutions targetting both public and private sectors.
At the same time, the event will help strengthen the capacity to take advantage of the enormous growth potential inherent in rising national and international demand for climate-friendly building materials and solutions.
Building Green has created a unique opportunity to network and listen to inspiring and visionary speakers from both at home and abroad. On the conference stage, focus is on the most central issues within energy efficient and sustainable construction – and both visions for the future and concrete experiences are presented. The seminars will allow you to delve into more specific topics in a smaller forum.

You can look forward to acquiring new knowledge and being inspired by new visions when Building Green opens.