Speakers 2018

Central Stage, 17. oktober: Bygg og byggeprosesser uten utslipp som klimatiltak

Innlegget mitt på Building Green vil handle om Oslo kommunes klimastrategi, og om hvordan krav til bygg og byggeprosesser er en integrert del av kommunes arbeid for å få ned klimagassutslipp.

Work experience: Member of Parliament for The Socialist Left Party (SV), Deputy Minister of the Environment, Member of Parliament, Manager of own company (Grønt Lys AS), President of The Norwegian Society for the Conservation of the Nature and Chairman of Nature and Youth.
Education: Norwegian Business School

Heidi Sørensen, Director, City of Oslo Climate Department, Oslo Municipality.

Central Stage, 17. oktober: From a Circular Economy to Cradle to Cradle – A Building like a tree and a city like a forest

Cradle to Cradle – Moving beyond doing less bad. Prof. Michael Braungart, Chemist and co-author of the seminal book “Cradle to Cradle – Remaking the way we make things”, talks about how we plot a future to products that are healthy and have a positive impact on both our health and the planet.

Work Experince: McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency (EPEA), Greenpeace International, Chemistry Department at Konstanz, Germany.
Education: Engineer at Konstanz, Darmstadt, Hannover, and Zurich Universities.

Dr. Prof. Michael Braungart, Leuphana University Lüneburg, EPEA Institute – The Cradle of Cradle to Cradle

Central Stage, 17. oktober: Architecture that empowers people

Architecture affects all of us, every day. The design can be crucial to human health, wellbeing and quality of life. Daylight and indoor quality affect how efficient we are at work and how easy it is to learn at school. Access to greenery is destressing and an essential factor for public health in the long run. And by planning cities from different people’s need we can create equitable and safe places. Architecture can make a difference and this session will show you some examples on how.

Work experience:  Environmental Consultant at White Arkitekter,Technical and Enviromental at Armatec,  Engineer at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.
Chalmers University of Technology

Anna Graaf, Partner & Director of Sustainability, White Arkitekter

Central Stage 18. oktober, The good urban life – how knowledge-driven design can create livable and healthy cities

Can design contribute to healthier cities and buildings? Listen in when Jakob Strømann-Andersen, Partner at Henning Larsen, elaborates on using data and research to create sustainable solutions and inform the design process for landscape, urban spaces, and buildings. Learn how design with knowledge can expand the outdoor season, how facades can create both good indoor climate and innovation and much, much more. Using examples from the portfolio of Henning Larsen, Jakob will demonstrate how to make sustainability and certification both tangible and usable in design.

Work Experience: Henning Larsen Arkitekter, Lecturer at Technical University of Denmark, Lecturer at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation
Education: Technical University of Denmark

Jakob Strømann-Andersen, Partner, Head of Sustainability Engineering & Landscape Design, Henning Larsen Arkitekter

Central Stage, 17. oktober: Aktivitet mellom husene 

Etterspørselen etter «livet mellom husene» er stadig økende. Samtidig ser man at resultatet ofte reduseres til kommersialiserte byrom med plantekasser. Hvordan kan man planlegge for et liv mellom husene som er forankret i noe mer enn bare aktive fasader og sittemøbler? Hva skal til for å sikre grønne, demokratiske mellomrom i urbane situasjoner? Og hvilke merverdier kan det gi for alle, fra utviklere til innbyggere, å bringe naturen sterkere inn i byplanleggingen?

Work experience: Dark Arkitekter, Various Architects, Denton Corker Marshall, Shark Arkitekter
Education: London Metropolitan University, Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole

Arne Myklestad, CEO & Partner, Dark Arkitekter

Central Stage, 18. oktober: The Structure of Sustainable Architecture

The world-renowned architect Julien De Smedt is mostly known for new buildings made from scratch. But the necessity to take part in the sustainable solutions in the building industry challenges him to think of new creative solutions to come from existing structures.

Work Experience: Curator of Brussels Design Talents, Professor at KTH, Judge for the European Conference of Leading Architects 2008, CPH ADD 07 – Architecture & Design Days, Member of CopenhagenX Advisory Board, Co-founder of PLOT, OMA/Rem Koolhaas.
Education: The Bartlett, Superior Architecture Institute Saint Luc

Julien De Smedt, Founder & Director, JDS Architects.

Main Stage, 18. oktober: Den nye katedralen – Hvordan redde verden og hvorfor vi må tjene penger på det

Byggeindustrien står for 40% av verdens CO2-utslipp, står for ¼ av råvareuttaket i verden og er en av de største bidragsyterne til genererte avfallsmengder som ender opp i naturen.
Selv med et økt fokus på lavenergibygg, er det først og fremst nye bygg som står i fokus. Så hva med den eksisterende bygningsmassen? Er det mulig å resirkulere hele bygg, uten å hente ut nye råvarer, og uten forsøple naturen? Og er det mulig å skape en markedsdrevet tilnærming av å resirkulere bygg, slik at det faktisk kan lønne seg økonomisk?

Work experience: Adviory Board Menber hos Urban Jungle AS, Board Member hos RS Skandinavia AS, Architect at Lund + Slaatto Srkitekter As, Architects hos Muller + Reimann Architekten.
Education: Bergen School of Architecture

Nicolai Riise, Architect MNAL, CEO & Partner, Mad AS

Central Stage, 18. oktober: City planning for the future

Work experience: External Examiner at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation and CPH University, Roskilde University, Owner at witraz arkitekter, Architectural Association, Architect at Hou & Partnere, Architect at Skaarup & Jensen.
Education: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, School of Architecture in Aarhus

Tina Saaby, City Architect, City of Copenhagen

Central Stage, 17. oktober: Construction Revolution – How to practice sustainability through building with wood

Is it possible to practice holistic sustainability? We are convinced that by building with timber we not only reduce the environmental impact of construction but we are also able to build better, healthier buildings faster. From our perspective timber buildings are not only an option in construction but the future of construction.

Work experience: Director at Waugh Thistelton Architects, Partner at Haggart MacLeod Architects, Eger Architects, Mole Architects, AEM Architects, CSL Associates
Education: Aarhus School of Architecture

Kirsten Haggart, Senior Associate, Thistelton Architects

Main Stage, 17. oktober: Vi digitalisere byggebransjen
For å sikre en bærekraftig utvikling av byggebransjen i Norge, stiller vi mange krav overfor bransjen og er krevende byggherre. Vårt mål er å utvikle morgendagens byggenæring. Nå digitaliserer vi arbeidsmetodene gjennom vår satsing på Digibygg.

Jobber: Chairman hos Nye Veier AS, President Purenet hos European public real estate network, Director hos Baneservice & Jenbaneverket, Head of Project Control hos Norsk Hydro og mer.
Utdanning: Norwegian University og Science and Technology (NTNU), BI Norwegian Business School.

Harald Vaagaasar Nikolaisen, Administrerende Direktør, Statsbygg Hovedkontor

Central Stage, 17. oktober: Green infrastructure – greening the buildings – a worldwide trend Today

Dr. Prof. Manfred Köhler is recognized as one of the formost experts on green infrastructure and he will be setting the thematic stage for a panel discussion on this subject. Hear about how green infrastructure (GI) technology has spread around the globe and how environmental functions are fostered throughout various disciplines. The concept has changed from being about two basic types of green roofs, “extensive” and “intensive” into much more detailed solutions e.g. skygardens, living roofs, eco roofs, roof farms, etc. This demonstrates the maturation of urban green roof technologies towards an increasingly multi-layered functionality.  In his presentation, Dr. Manfred Köhler will focus on local situations, social aspects, ecological values and design questions.

Jobber: Co-founder of World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN) in 2008; since 2008 President of this organization.  Scientist; Institute of Ecology, Technical University, Berlin, Germany. Executive Director of the Research Centre of Landscape Ecology, Bremen, Germany. Professor of Landscape ecology at the University of Applied Sciences, Neubrandenburg. Vice dean of the Faculty Landscape Sciences and Geomatics. Founder of the Green Roof Research Center at the Univ. of Applied Sciences in Neubrandenburg.
Utdanning: Technical University of Berlin, Germany. Diploma Degree, PhD about “Eco effects of living wall systems”.

Dr. Prof. Manfred Köhler, President of the World Green Infrastructure Network & internationally renowned green infrastructure expert

Main Stage, 18. oktober: Offentlige anskaffelser – Det viktigste verktøy for klimaøytrale offentlige bygg?

2 av 3 offentlige bygganskaffelser har ikke miljøambisjoner utover minimumskravet i regelverket. Difis kriterieveiviser for bærekraftige anskaffelser og veiledning om livssykluskostnader er nyttige verktøy for mer energieffektive og klimanøytrale bygg.

Jobber: Prosjektleder hos Norskform DogA, Avdelingsleder hos NIKU, Prosjektleder NIKU, Director hos ARENE lle-de-France og mer.

Dominique Sellier, Seniorrådgiver, Direktoratet for forvaltning og ikt (Difi)