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No collaboration with International Fairs Directory
Some exhibitors at Building Green have received physical mail from International Fairs Directory with an offer to promote your company at their webpage. Building Green want to make sure that there is no collaboration or contact between Building Green and International Fairs Directory.

Building Green recommend exhibitors not to answer or contact the company International Fairs Directory.

Find an example of the offer here.

All exhibitors need to be registered. Remember to register your crew here!

We offer various kinds of marketing. Building Green is marketed through a bunch of channels such as VIP partners, magazine publications, papers etc. On this link you can see a complete list of media partners: Click here.

Advertising – Building Green Eventguide
The Building Green Event Guide consists of ads, practical information, full program, quick guide, exhibitors list etc. The Eventguide is a free physical magazine for all visitors. You can purchase the following:

-Half-paged ad in printed Event Guide (210×105 mm., four colors) – 5.000 NOK
-Full-paged ad in printed Event Guide (210×210 mm., four colors) – 7.600 NOK

Extra Visibility
Many exhibitors choose to buy acquisitions to get as much visibility as possible. There are four types of acquisitions and if you have other wishes and needs, please let us know.

Logo on screen
At the Copenhagen Event your logo will be shown on Main Stage during breaks and eight other screens around the venue.

-5 sec. loop screen exposure: 2.500 NOK

Brochure distribution
Get your brochures distributed among the audience on the Building Green stages. The number of seats varies depending on which event you exhibit.

-Distribution (format size: max. A4, max. 300g) – 7.600 NOK

All prices are excluding VAT.

Signatures & Logos

Download official Building Green Oslo 2018 signatures here.

Download official Building Green Oslo 2018 logos here.

Magazines 2018

Download the official Building Green Oslo Program 2018 here.

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Graphics & Exhibition Manager
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Krestina Sørensen
Sales Consultant
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Isabella Frandsen
Sales- & Event Coordinator
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Ditte Rosenquist
Project Manager
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